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Natalia Arias,
Real Estate Broker
in Aventura.

Natalia Arias, Real Estate Broker in Aventura, FLorida.

Broker/Owner Natalia Arias of Blue One Realty has created Aventura Dream Homes to help residents, whether they are single, visitors, investor or any other person who has plans of moving to Aventura City in Florida, to buy Real Estate or make another type of Real Estate investment like selling a home in Aventura Florida.

If you are looking for an exciting place to live, Aventura Dream Homes is the right place for you to start searching for a property into the Aventura Real Estate market or getting your home for sale listed and properly marketed into the Florida Real Estate market by a professional Real Estate Agent of Blue One Realty.

Natalia Arias welcomes you and encourages you to make your dream home a reality an find a home or condo in the Aventura Real Estate Market.

Natalia wants you to know that she always keeps a respectful and confidential relationship with all of her clients during every step of a Real Estate transaction.

You won’t be disappointed. Real Estate is Natalia’s specialty.

Want to buy a new home? or Want to sell your home? You have found the perfect place in Aventura Dream Homes, the best Florida Real Estate Website! Give her a call today!

What people say about Natalia Arias?
Buying and selling a Home in

"BLUE ONE Realty helped us efficiently with our home selling and buying a new one" Real Estate Estate Testimonials

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Robert Reynolds.

I was just tired of going around in circles with other Agents and I thank my cousin Clara for recommending BLUE ONE Realty. I could buy my home efficiently in a blink of an eye. The agent was always present and made everything look easier from the beginning. I greatly suggest you to contact BLUE ONE Realty.

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Patricia Richards

I really felt that I had a big problem: "selling my home" and "buying a new one". All my fears disappeared after calling Natalia Arias at BLUE ONE Realty. Although some troubles showed up during transactions, BLUE ONE Realty gave me real professional support and made me feel secure in all counts. Thank you!

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Patti and Jeff Morgan

We were renting an apartment for about five years and for business purposes had to move to another city. An agent at BLUE ONE Realty was of so much help for us. Thanks so much for his unconditional help and professionalism!

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Norma Neil

Well, I must confess that I had serious doubts about Brokers because I was recovering myself from a bad experience. So I was so cautious at first. However, I admit that working with BLUE ONE Realty all that trouble is now in the past. The agent that was assigned for me really helped me in selling my weekend home. I appreciate his ability to solve any inconveniencies efficiently.

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Natalia Arias, Real Estate Broker, will assist you with all your questions

As a Real Estate Consultant, Natalia Arias, specialize in assisting anyone who want to sell or buy a home. She is strong in sales and marketing, and understand the Aventura Real Estate market.