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Natalia Arias,
Real Estate Broker
in Aventura.

Natalia Arias, Real Estate Broker in Aventura, FLorida.

Broker/Owner Natalia Arias of Blue One Realty has created Aventura Dream Homes to help residents, whether they are single, visitors, investor or any other person who has plans of moving to Aventura City in Florida, to buy Real Estate or make another type of Real Estate investment like selling a home in Aventura Florida.

If you are looking for an exciting place to live, Aventura Dream Homes is the right place for you to start searching for a property into the Aventura Real Estate market or getting your home for sale listed and properly marketed into the Florida Real Estate market by a professional Real Estate Agent of Blue One Realty.

Natalia Arias welcomes you and encourages you to make your dream home a reality an find a home or condo in the Aventura Real Estate Market.

Natalia wants you to know that she always keeps a respectful and confidential relationship with all of her clients during every step of a Real Estate transaction.

You won’t be disappointed. Real Estate is Natalia’s specialty.

Want to buy a new home? or Want to sell your home? You have found the perfect place in Aventura Dream Homes, the best Florida Real Estate Website! Give her a call today!

What people say about Natalia Arias?
Buying and selling a Home in

"BLUE ONE Realty helped us efficiently with our home selling and buying a new one" Real Estate Estate Testimonials

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Ngu Avick

Dear Natalia anad Staff of BLUE ONE Realty, I would like to thank you all for a memorable experiece choosing you. My husband and I was treated with a friendly attitude. They knew what we needed and wanted and found our home within 4 days. It wasn’t all about how fast to close a deal but they gave us such a helping hand that it was completed so sson, we were living in our new home before we knew it. I have and definitely also will recommend my realtor to everyone...

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Larry and Karen McDowell

This is a second home for us and having Natalia Arias as our realtor allowed us to make an informed decision regarding the type of property that would best suit our needs as well as the location. We live in the Midwest and had to gain knowledge about the Miami real estate market in terms of neighborhoods, locations within neighborhoods, community profiles, real estate taxes, condo fee variance and amenities. Natalia listened to our needs and worked hard to focus our search while offering a broad variety of properties along the way...

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Isabel Cuervo

Thanks a lot for your professionalism, efficiency and honesty but not only about that but also thanks for your optimism. You gave us hope when we were about to give up! It was a real pleasure to work with you on this amazing dream that is our new home! I will be sending you many clients! You deserve it. Thanks again! Huggs. Isabel Cuervo...

Real Estate: Selling and Buying Testimonial by Zillow user52141

Natalia has not only helped me with my primary residence but also with all my investment properties. Since 2004 Natalia has given me excellent service in a total of 9 purchases and sales operations which were executed in a fast and efficient manner. Not only her, but also her staff was always aware of every step of the process showing professionalism and knowledge. Being involved in real estate investment I have always chosen to work with Natalia since the first operation and will keep on doing so.

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Natalia Arias, Real Estate Broker, will assist you with all your questions

As a Real Estate Consultant, Natalia Arias, specialize in assisting anyone who want to sell or buy a home. She is strong in sales and marketing, and understand the Aventura Real Estate market.